Buying a high-quality retractable reel from the Giraffetools site ( is a great idea, but if you have a good extension cord to attach to it. The extension cord facilitates the flow of current from the power source to a particular location, but the possibility of this is low when it’s damaged. A faulty cord is a safety hazard that can cause a fire or electric shock. You can repair the cord or get a new one for proper functioning. We look at how to repair a damaged extension cord below.

How to Repair an Extension Cord

Cord replacement is expensive, and you can save money by fixing the damaged cord or have a professional do it for you. If you happen to cut your heavy-duty extension cord, follow the steps below to fix it.

Step 1;

If repairing in an indoor area, choose a spot with windows to let in air and let out smoke resulting from soldering iron. Use a steel surface or heat-resistant material to prevent burns. Soldering is a suitable way of mending cords if no plug is available. It can be used for all cords, but it’s recommended for single-wire cords with a non-removable plug.

Step 2;

Identify a PVC tube and slide it over one of the cords. The tubes come in varying sizes, so choose the right fit for your cord. The tube’s main role is to protect and insulate the open wires on the cord. If you fail to put the tube at this point, it will be impossible to do it later. You can buy the tube and other accessories from your local hardware store or online shops.

Step 3;

Choose a 63/37 lead solder for joining the cord wires. The metal is composed of 63 percent tin and 37 percent lead, perfect because both have low melting points, and the metal alloy melts at 183 degrees centigrade. As a result, the wires melt really quick, forming a strong connection.

Step 4;

To start the repair, strip the wires on both pieces of the cord to make them longer, then cut off the damaged part. Some cords have more than one colored wires, so twist the wires according to their colors to keep them separate example, red with red or blue with blue. Matching the wires is important to prevent the system from having a short circuit.

Step 5;

Heat the solder metal and hold it at an angle to melt over the damaged wires. Move it back and forth until all the wires are covered, ensuring you don’t heat the wires. Once covered, set aside the solder metal and let the wires cool for about 2 minutes to prevent it from coming apart.

Step 6

Slide the PVC tube to cover the repaired area and heat it gently on low heat to make it shrink and fit snugly over that area. Finally, plug the cord into a power outlet to see if it works.


Using the guide above, it’s possible to repair your cord without spending money on a technician or buying a new cord. However, great care must be taken to prevent mishaps like a fire outbreak or burn the remaining cord.


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