Ostrich feathers? Yes, you read it right! You might be aware that many animals’ and birds’ fur, skin, and feathers are used in different applications, from fashion to commercial product manufacturing.

However, the ostrich is something new as it’s the least discussed bird in any field. Ostrich is one of the giant flightless birds on the planet with up to 16 inches long feathers. So, how is it possible that this huge treasure of nature is not being used?

You might get stunned by knowing some exciting applications of ostrich feathers in and out of the fashion line.

Let’s quickly get started!

1. Fashion

Here we talk about nature’s most impressive creation, “the feathers” in fashion. Feathers are known for their fluffy, light, comfortable, and eye-stopping appearance that makes everything so elegant with just their presence.

The feathers of the ostrich, peacock, and other unique animals that are difficult to acquire are worn by the high-class societies as they are expensive and rare. In fashion, the ostrich feathers are used in;

· Creation of Classy Outfits

The ostrich feathers are quite large enough that just a few feathers or just one are enough to change the complete look of an outfit.

Many famous designers have high hopes for ostrich feathers, and they are continuously exploring new ways to use them in fashion clothing.

· Shoe Decoration

If you can’t afford a feathery outfit, what about a pair of fabulous shoes decorated with ostrich feathers? Well, creativity has no limits, and designers are determined to prove it.

After cleaning and dying the ostrich feathers with different colors, they are used to embellish shoes. The shoe adornment needs just a tiny amount of feather, so they are more commonly available than the outfits.

· To Design Accessories

Other than the main fashion pieces, ostrich feathers are also used in making accessories like earrings, brooches, necklaces, hair clips, caps, and many more. Just a tiny stylish feathery accessory will change your whole look.

2. Decoration

Fashion requires a lot of perfection and effort to use ostrich feathers, but it is pretty simple compared to decorating places and making decoration pieces.

As the ostrich feathers are very large, they are used to make centerpieces just by putting them in a vase. Only the feathers in a beautiful vase can be a spectacular piece.

Other than used alone, feathers are also used with lights and dying with different colors. These decorative pieces are used to beautify special occasions like parties and weddings and large restaurants, hotels, etc.

3. Cleaning

The combination of ostrich feathers and cleaning is a bit new. You might be thinking about why these expensive feathers are used in cleaning. Well, ostrich feathers are not very expensive, but a bit rarely used.

Ostrich feathers are used in making the dusters as they are excellent to remove the dust and dirt without sprinkling them all over. The feathers make a very soft and light dusting material that can clean any fragile surface without damage and scratch.

Many hi-tech industries are used feather dusters to clean their machinery, products, and other technologies.

The Closing

Buying ostrich feathers online is a very efficient and simple process. If you are also looking for a reliable site, check alibaba.com for reasonable prices, multiple colors, and the best customer service.

Now you can design your own clothing and shoe and make your own jewelry and decoration pieces by simply purchasing the clean dyed feathers.


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