Napkins are a favorite feature at special occasions like galas, weddings, and restaurants. As a restaurant or catering company owner, you cannot take napkins for granted. There are lots of things to consider when looking to buy these napkins from a reputable napkins manufacturer usa.

Posts all talk about things to consider when buying napkins, and the type of paper is one of the important factors to consider.

Types of napkins

There are different types of napkins to choose from when looking to buy. It’ll depend on where and how you intend to use them. Whichever is the case, here are some common types of napkins.


These are popularly used in casual events. They are lightweight and are often disposable. Although they are light, they have varying degrees of absorbency. The ply-count also matters a lot and it would determine how easy it would be able to clean a spill. You wouldn’t want a paper napkin that’s only good for décor but cannot properly clean a spill. When buying paper napkins, also consider the quality and softness of the paper.

These disposable napkins are differentiated by ply-count. The higher the ply-count on a disposable napkin, the more absorbent it would be. The same applies to the price. A 1-ply napkin would be relatively cheaper than a 3-ply napkin.


Unlike in casual events and ceremonies, cloth napkins are more preferred for formal events. They are naturally more absorbent than paper napkins, and also softer on the hands. They are made from a range of fabric types which ultimately determines the price. However, they are generally more expensive than paper napkins for obvious reasons. Although they give a formal appearance to your tablescape, unlike paper napkins, they must be washed and sanitized after every use.


Some may argue it is the same as cloth but it makes the list because of the texture. They are lightweight like paper napkins but a better breathable option. However, they have far less absorbency than cloth napkins. Since they’re breathable, they are more water-resistant and would naturally dry quicker than cloth napkins. They are ideal for use for outdoor events and during summer.


Cotton napkins are more versatile as they can be dyed and bleached into any color to reflect the décor of the room. They have excellent absorbent abilities and are thick to the touch. They are a better choice for guests with allergies as they’re known for their hypoallergenic properties. They are softer than linen and are good reusable napkins. They’re usually more classy than other types as they are used for high-class events. They may not be able to handle multiple washings but can be disposable if the event planners can afford it.


Napkins are an important table accessory for events. Depending on the type of event, different napkin types can be used. For outdoor events, especially during summer, breathable options like linen napkins would be better off since they can easily dry. Casual parties can do with paper napkins since they’re cheap and easily disposable. On the other hand, high-end parties are best to have their tablescapes covered with cotton napkins.


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