One of the most unpleasant experiences in gardening is working with a leaking garden hose. To prolong your hose’s life, then you should probably get a hose reel. Click this link to see hose reels with a 2 year warranty.

If you need a less expensive option, you can get your leaky hose fixed by following the simple steps described below.

How To Fix a Garden Hose Leak

Fixing a hole in a garden hose is not as difficult as it sounds. Just take note of the following and you will do a great job.

1. Locate the hole

Usually locating the hole shouldn’t be so difficult. Just turn on the tap and you will spot the broken area. Also, search the hidden areas to be sure there is no broken point there.

Take note of the classical weak points as these parts are prone to leaks. The classical weak points include the point where the tap and hose are connected, the point where two hoses are connected, or the point where the spray head or hose are attached.

2. The actual act of fixing a broken garden hose

The first thing to do is to apply grease. This can be done using a petroleum gel. Grease all threads with this gel and fix them back in place. After this, it would be easier to notice other leaks along the hose.

After greasing, go on to dry the entire length of the hose using a dry towel. If the hole is located less than 30 cm from the opening of the hose, you can dry the inside using a stick wrapped in a towel.

When you are done drying, cover the hole with a patch set. These patches are often available at your local workshops, bicycle parts shop, or other spare parts shop.

In case of emergency, you can get one of those and seal up your leaking hose. Another thing that is applicable especially during emergencies is the fabric sealing tape.

Wrap this fabric sealing tape twice or thrice around the broken point and you are good to go. Ensure that the tape sticks properly on the hose without wrinkles. To further protect this vulnerable area, attach a hose clip to it.

Although this method is effective, it shouldn’t be used in cases where the hose in question transports water under intense pressure. A more advanced method is needed to repair leaks in a hose connected to a sprinkler system or showers because they function under pressure.

3. Attaching a Connector

This method is used when the crack is too large or when the hose in question transports water under pressure. To attach a connector, first cut the broken area with a knife or scissors.

A connector is then placed between the two ends. These connectors are widely available in local spare part stores.


Compared to purchasing a new set of hoses, repairing a garden hose leak is an inexpensive way of dealing with a broken hose. This information is very essential in the life of every gardener. You do not need the services of an expert for every mini repair.


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