As a gardener or homeowner, you know how tedious and challenging it is to drag your garden hose around the yard. It is also time-consuming to wind it up. You should consider getting a hose with a reel that can wind up easily. This is why you need an automatic garden hose reel. This resource can help you Know more about hose reels. These are the important features and factors to consider when choosing one.

Ease of Use

When buying an automatic hose reel, you need to determine how easy it is to use. For instance, can you pull your hose with minimal effort? In most cases, the winding mechanism is strong that makes pulling the hose a bit challenging. Therefore, you should consider using a hose reel that you can unwind and wind easily. Some have a lock mechanism to prevent winding when in use.

Also, you need to check whether your hose reel is efficient at reeling up. This comes down to how the coiling mechanism works. Nevertheless, you should ensure the unlocking mechanism is efficient. When it is time to wind up the hose, it should do it easily and smoothly.

Ease of Installation

You can find automatic garden hose reels with fittings and brackets for installing them on the wall. Therefore, when buying a hose reel, you need to check whether fittings and brackets are included. Moreover, you need to check their quality. Remember that garden hose reels are heavy, and if the fittings are not of high quality, they can easily break when in use.

Hose Quality

Usually, the hose reel will come with the hose. Thus, you need to consider the quality of the garden hose you buy. The quality hoses must have multiple-layered construction to guarantee excellent performance and durability. Also, you need to check the unique qualities of the materials used.


It is advisable to check that the attachments and the hose do not leak. You should note that leaks result in loss of water. Moreover, they can reduce the overall water pressure.

Easy to Remove

If temperatures fall below the freezing point, it is advisable to keep the hose reel in a storage unit or shed. This is necessary to prevent it from getting damaged. Make sure you consider units that are easy to remove as they are more convenient.


There is a need to check the length of the hose that comes with your reel. The ideal length depends on the size of the garden. Make sure it is enough to reach all parts of the garden, and you should consider choosing a long enough hose. Experts argue that you should get a hose that is larger than what you estimate.


Top brands provide extended warranties for their garden hose reels. You should consider the warranty to ensure you are covered up. Purchasing a reel with a shorter warranty can save you money upfront. However, your reel is not likely to get damaged during the first season. Therefore, you should go for an automatic garden hose reel that lasts for many years and has a long warranty.


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