If you’re spending an endless amount of days wrestling with your tangled-up hosepipe, know that you require a change! As long hours of manual work do nothing but leave you drained and grumpy. That ends up in you being in a weary mood all day unable to do anything productive.

To make your battle with the hosepipe come to an end, this article puts forward the best way to resolve your issue. A Giraffe Tools garden hose reel! Not only does this tool help you maintain a beautiful garden, but it also adds up as a decorative object to your vibrant backyard.

All About Giraffe Tools Company

Giraffe Tools is an innovative and leading company known for its best quality products internationally. Since the beginning, it has focused on using the finest materials in its goods. The company earned its name by being the first to bring retractable hose reels into the market.

Its team is made up of professionals who are extremely passionate and give the best input to the company. From esteemed designers to modern factories, Giraffe Tools remains to be one of the biggest and well-known garden equipment producers of all time.

The products are made from high-standard material using special techniques. They are then tested by an exceptional system. The designs are either inspired or made upon different clients’ requests. So, because of the outstanding performances and fair prices, its products have gained worldwide appreciation.

Top Features of the Giraffe Tools Garden Hose Reel

One of its kind, the Giraffe Tools garden hose reel is sure to blow your mind away with its striking characteristics! Let’s start with the most prominent features this hose reel offers you.

The wall-mounted design of this product is what makes this hose reel truly captivating. It can be easily fit on any wall, saving space. All the while making your garden look extra tidy! This garden hose reel also comes with a retractable capability. So now, you can lock the hose at any desired length!

Another great hook about this Giraffe Tools hose reel is that it’s easy to put together and use. That saves you an incredible amount of time and energy. Having 9 different modes to function and a dual-dimension hose is a bonus that comes along with the retractable hose reel.

Here are some of the pros and cons of the Giraffe Tools retractable hose reel for a quick overview:


  • Functions automatically
  • Comes with a wall mount ability
  • Has 9 different spraying patterns
  • Easy installment and usage
  • Appealing design
  • Worth the money
  • Saves space and energy


  • A plastic swivel bracket
  • Heavy-weight might require more than one person to assemble

Apart from the plastic wall bracket which can break easily, this hose reel offers incredible features at a reasonable price!

To Sum It All Up:

Buying this retractable garden hose reel will surely leave you impressed and satisfied. The Giraffe Tools Company has managed fully content customers for decades and continues to do so by making incredible products such as this one. A retractable hose reel with smooth performance and a decent price tag is the perfect gadget for your gardening problems. So what are you waiting for? Go buy yours now!


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